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Interactive CD Presentations of different subjects of Ayurveda and Modern medicine.

For SaleCommercialId: 1924.10.2008
By:  drebey  
Acupressure, is a special method of therapy practiced in Asia for thousands of years and nowadays it has gained wider acceptance in the West in recent times. By the knowledge of acuepoints in the human body we can reduce or even treat minor or moderate pain by applying pressure on these points scientifically. It will be an ideal tool for a medical practitioner, assisting the drugs, especially for Ayurvedic physicians, that will definitely reduce the need of harmful pain relieving medicines, thus by satisfying the patient in a better way.
The acue points can be better correlated with Marma points described in Ayurveda.
This CD ROM describes all acue points in the body and the systematic method of applying pressure on the specific acue-points in the body, and a disease wise classification of Pressure points make it easy for user to learn this science in very effortless and in a better way.
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Dr. Abraham

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