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Seeds with good germinative capacity (seasonal availability)

For SalePrivateId: 1228.07.2008
By:  drebey  
Botanical name : Luffa cylindrica (wild variety)
Malayalam name: Kattupeechil
Sanskrit name : Tiktakosataki
English name : Wild sponge guard.
Hindi name : Khiya tori

This plant is a well known Ottamooli (Single Drug) for Jaundice and its action in high Bilirubin condition is miraculous.
Plant grows virtually anywhere and in any weather condition, and the ideal place to grow it is nearby the wastewater outlet of home. Plant grows very rapidly yielding fruits on August - November. The plant grows by its own, and least care is needed to raise it.

Mode of application of this plant follows.
Crush a small piece of inner part of tender fruit in Milk (it will be ideal if you use human breast milk) filter it and collect it in a small glass bowel.
Apply one or two spoons of this filtered liquid to each nose of the patient.
Within a fraction of time, a yellowish fluid begins to flow from the nose. Collect this liquid with the help of a clean white cloth or in a kidney tray.
The flow will be finished around a day. Sometimes the patient may feel intense weakness during the treatment. (During the treatment time, light food is allowed. Glucose water is enough to fight the weakness)
The procedure should be repeated one or two times according the level of Bilirubin, and the raised Bilirubin level will come down within a week and patient may feel better.
In the off season of fruits, the fiber part of ripen and dried fruit is taken and a small part is cut and crushed it in milk. This fluid can be used to conduct the same procedure mentioned above.
The tender fruit can be collected in the season, grind it well and make some tablets with it and dried. This tablet crushed in milk can also be used for the procedure.
If fruits are not available, the tender plant parts will do the same action with less effectiveness.
There are incidents this procedure reduces Bilirubin level from the top level of 45 mg/dl to normal.

Plant photo and properties
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Price: Rs : 100 / 10 seeds
Dr. Abraham

Email:  [email protected]

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