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Gloriossa superba

A soft, perennial tendril climber with underground white cylindrical rhyzome. Leaves simple, subsessile, alternate, lanceolate, with acuminate tips, extended to tendrils. Flowers handsome, solitary, first yellow colored then changes to scarlet red. Fruits oblong capsules, with many small round seeds.


Calotropis gigantea

Perennial shrub, growing up to 2.5 meters with branches and sub branches. Plant is slow growing compared to the blue variety. Leaves are simple, opposite and sub-sessile, ovate, and cordate at base. Plant contains latex almost in all parts. Flowers beautiful, white in color, in umbellate lateral cymes. Fruits are fleshy follicles, green; seeds attached with abundant white coma.


Bauhinia recimosa

A large shrub or small deciduous tree grows up to 5 meters in height. Leaves compound with 2 leaflets, connate for about two third up, flowers white, axillary recemes, fruits flat dehiscent pods, containing 5-10 seeds.


Basella rubra

A perennial twining herb with fleshy stem and leaves, reddish green in colour. Leaves simple, alternate, lamina narrowed into petiole. Flowers-white or red, bracteoles longer than perianth; fruits red, white or black, globose.


Eclipta prostrata

It is an erect prostrate annual herb grows up to 70 cm height. Stems are soft and fleshy. Branches are few. Leaves are simple and opposite, Flowers are in head inflorescence. Fruits are akene.


Cassia fistula

A medium sized deciduous tree grows up to 20 meters in height. Bark rough grayish; leaves pinnately compound, leaflets 4-8 pairs, ovate, acute, bright green above and silvery pubescent beneath; flowers bright yellow in lax pendulous recemes; fruits long cylindrical pods seeds broadly ovate, horizontally arranged in the sweetish pulp.


Abutilon indicum

Medium sized many branched perennial shrub grows up to 2 meters in height. Plant covered with minute hairs. Leaves are alternate, cordate and acute. Leaves vary in size. Flowers are yellowish, with 5 petals, solitary found in leaf axils. Fruits contain 15-20 chambers, arranged spirally, containing seeds. Seeds are blackish brown.

Welcome to Ayurvedicmedicinalplants


Ayurveda, the ancient Indian therapeutic measure is renowned as one of the major systems of alternative and complimentary medicine. As other herbal systems, greater parts of its medicaments are based on indigenous herbals. And the thorough and fractionate knowledge about the medicinal plant is mandatory for all who is working in the field of ayurveda, in order to identify and select the appropriate plant for a specific disease. In the recent years, the interest in medicinal plants has increased in a great deal. Apart form this; people from the west have also taken this matter seriously by conducting various researches on plant based medicines. But for reference, presently a complete website regarding the ayurvedic medicinal plants is nowhere available in the net. It’s a humble attempt to fulfill this gap.  This work is mainly concerned with the morphology and the therapeutic properties of Indian medicinal herbs. The findings obtained by the research workers who have been engaged with medicinal plants are also incorporated here. We are presenting almost complete variety of indigenous ayurvedic medicinal plants especially that is grown naturally in Kerala, the southern most state of India, renowned as the Holy Land of Ayurveda 


You can come across realistic, high resolution digital pictures of ayurvedic medicinal plants, morphology, their therapeutic properties, the ayurvedic principle behind the selection of a plant as a medicine etc. with no access restrictions. Apart form this; the basic property of this site is regular renewal of its contents, to keep this site up-to-date and make it always fresh for a reviewer. This humble attempt is undertaken by a charity trust for the conservation of ayurvedic medicinal plants.


Most of the images in this site are copyrighted. Usage of these images for any commercial purpose without prior written consent is illegal and strictly prohibited. 


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